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What is CorrosionX?


Three products in one.

Corrosion-X, manufactured in the United States, is a product of aerospace R&D that is composed of a special blend of inhibitors, lubricants and surface active agents. Corrosion-X stops and prevents rust or corrosion and lubricates even better than products fortified with Teflon. It also penetrates and loosens frozen parts faster than products designed specifically for that purpose.

In controlling corrosion, the traditional approach has been to cover the metal surface with a barrier coating such as paint or wax. Corrosion-X offers a spaceage solution, featuring the latest in Fluid Thin Film Coating technology (FTFC) that works far better that typical corrosion inhibitors. The problem with barrier coatings is that although they are designed to keep moisture off, the wax coating left behind is porous and allows moisture to enter, even worse, when applied over existing corrosion it locks in the electrolyte and corrosion continues to grow. By contrast, Corrosion-X with FTFC technology, has no wax, tar, teflon or silicon.

When applied to existing corrosion, it displaces the electrolyte (even salt water) and leaves an ultra-thin, high die-electric film that stops the corrosion process dead in its tracks, this is referred to as "Polar Bonding"

The term "Polar Bonding" relates to the fact that molecules of any metal have polarity. That is they are electrically charged, with positive and negative poles. Unlike an oil, wax or other potential coating, molecules of Corrosion-X are also electrically charged. As a result, the positive poles of the Corrosion-X molecules are attracted to the negative poles of the metal molecules, and vice versa. The Corrosion-X and metal molecules form a powerful bond with each other, much like a magnet. The bond is so strong that Corrosion-X pushes moisture away, thereby stopping existing rust or corrosion, and preventing it in the future.

Corrosion-X products have been approved by the U.S Navy, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and The Boeing Company, for use in their aircraft.

The Corrosion-X family of products that are available is:

Corrosion-X - CorrosionX is the most useful and versatile product of its kind. As one customer stated, "It's a complete service facility in a can." And, it's economical. Users estimate that a single 16-oz. can of CorrosionX will outperform and outlast 8 - 10 cans of the popular household "lubricant/penetrant," making it far more economical to use. A supervisor in a maintenance facility for a major oil company called it an "inventory reducer" because they use it for so many different applications.
Use CorrosionX where you want corrosion control without a messy wax coating. A light spray of CorrosionX on power heads, generator sets and engines two or three times a year will keep them looking like new -- even in saltwater conditions.
In addition to its corrosion fighting properties, CorrosionX is also a super lubricant and penetrant. It lubricates under heavy loads and high temperatures. Use it on sheaves, hinges, locks, cables/wire ropes, windlasses or other rotating devices. It is ideal for fishing reels and guns. And, CorrosionX penetrates like nothing you've ever used. Corroded or rusted nuts, bolts or fittings can usually be removed in just a few minutes.

Corrosion-X Heavy Duty - CorrosionX Heavy Duty is for super long-term protection against serious rust and corrosion assault. For those really tough jobs where you need the ultimate protection against moisture, the answer is new CorrosionX Heavy Duty. There is no other product like it on the market today. It is a high performance, thick-film version of CorrosionX. It was developed specifically to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion and resulting rust and corrosion. Recommended for use on boat trailers by Field and Stream.
CorrosionX Heavy Duty forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self-healing film that stubbornly resists erosion by splash or spray - including complete submersion in saltwater. It will slowly penetrate existing rust and corrosion, remove moisture and stop electrolysis. And then it seals moisture out. Unlike wax coatings, it will not dry out, stiffen or crack under stress. It will remain for hours on outdrives, even while underway!

Corrosion-X Aviation- CorrosionX Aviation takes corrosion control to a new level. Featuring the latest advances in Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) Technology, it is specially designed to displace moisture, stop corrosion instantly and provide long-lasting protection.
Made in the
USA, CorrosionX Aviation is qualified under Mil-C-81309E, Type II for application to airframes and is used extensively by the military.

Corrosion-X for Guns - Cuts through stubborn bore deposits for easier, more thorough cleaning Decreases fouling, even after hundreds or thousands of rounds. Lubricates and protects mechanisms and bores even better and longer than products fortified with Teflon* Ideal for semiautomatics and automatics. Sticks to metal like a magnet to prevent rust ... even in the rain

ReelX -ReelX is the new, hi-tech, extreme-pressure lubricant that stops and prevents wear, corrosion and rust. It contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids; So It Can't Gum-Up. Outperforms all other lubricants, displaces moisture, and WON'T HARM MONOFILIMENT

SpeedX – SpeedX Works under heavy loads and high temperatures. Actually polar bonds to the metal surface and will not sling off. Penetrates into sealed bearings. Oils normally used for lubrication are displaced by moisture and their effectiveness is lost. Even under the best circumstances, they don't last very long. Not so with SpeedX. It actually polar bonds to metal and hugs it like a magnet. SpeedX releases the surface tension of moisture, displaces it and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability.

RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. This very thin film – less than a micron thick – prevents stains and adhesion of common contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime, brake dust, etc. It also makes graffiti easy to remove and can be applied to windshields to repel rain. It’s easy to apply and produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts the most popular waxes by months.

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